Our small flock of sheep play a multitude of important roles in the holistic ecosystem of the farm. By using rotational grazing methods where the sheep and chickens intensively graze one small section of our field for a few days then leave it to rest, we are utilizing animals to help improve the quality of our pasture and build healthy soil. Keeping ewes in a pen over the winter provides an on-farm source of manure that we can trust, which we add to our compost pile to create a clean, balanced source of nutrients and micro-organisms that we use as an input in the gardens. Ultimately, our lambs provide an additional income stream through seasonal sales of whole, half, and quarter lamb. We are happy to be able to produce a clean, healthy protein to feed our customers (and ourselves!) along with our primary vegetable crops. On top of everything else, we really enjoy having animals on the farm to take care of and enjoy. Plus… who can resist the undeniable cuteness of baby lambs!!

*If you are interested in reserving a whole or half lamb for purchase in the fall, please contact to get on the list!